From The Earth To The Morgue & Back Again.

22 \ Undead

LIKES: Zombies. Chicago. Tattoos. Space. Sharks. Golden Girls. Video Games. Tie-Dye. Pizza. The Walking Dead. Tim Burton. Bats. My Chemical Romance. I Love Lucy. Misfits. American Horror Story. Pin-ups. Mary Jane. Breaking Bad. Purple&Black. Gypsy Punk. Horror Movies. MtDew. Pianos. Photography. LOTR. Rain. Law & Order:SVU. Serial Killers. The Addams Family. Guitars. The Beatles. Rainbows. Skeletons. Art. Concerts. Halloween. Halloween. Halloween.
DISLIKES: Ignorant People. Broken Guitar Strings. Homophobia. Hipsters. Liars. Winter. Our Government. Spiders. Anything Sticky. Odd Numbers. Tasteless Jokes. Most Cops.

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Warning. This Blog Is 18+
If You Are Offended By Something You've Seen On Here. I Really Don't Care. If I See It And I Like It, I'm Posting It. End Of Story.
Used To Be

Living Dead Girl.

Become self sufficient! It scares our government more than anything!


  • [51/100] Simon Pegg + (Bonus) Nick Frost

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